The Dfree concepts helped shed light on our financial miseducation. Natacha brought back the 21 Day Financial Fast and dfree concepts after attending the seminar by author Michelle Singletary in January 2015.  Natacha and I had been married for 13 years prior to starting the Dfree concepts in house.  2015 was the first time we tallied our debt.  We were good at making payments on time and feeling like we were “check to check” (out of money) even though we had good careers.  We were 110% focused on paying monthly bills vs. paying off debt.  

Dfree concepts started the foundation of our financial freedom.  I truly enjoyed the concepts and the progress we made over the first 3 years. Therefore, I went through the entire course with hopes of learning some new concepts, becoming a member of dfree ministry and teaching the concepts.

First, it was important to understand that there was a MESS in the tune of $775,896.00.  After 5 years, we were down to $503,489 with over $100,000 worth of student loan debt paid off, first home paid off then a rental property and a host of credit cards.  The Dfree concepts helped us avoid over $360,000 worth of scheduled interest payments over the last 5 years. “The true theft of wealth is interest and ignorance”. 

We were blind to the MESS because we were taught and conditioned to live with the MESS.  The Dfree concepts allow us to see the Mess.  The most important factor to our journey was to reeducate ourselves as “A Family” ADJUST our ATTITUDE.  The belief that ever dollar has a purpose.  Natacha, our girls and I first look at our budget. I have tracked our spend and income since 2011.  Dfree helped us develop a plan (strategy) from what use to be a list of numbers (budget) with no actions.

The family came up with some short-term goals to increase monthly leftover cash after expenses were paid. 

Maintain focus by engaging your money. You must know where your money is going. Run your house like a company with a plan for the future.   I check our accounts at least once a week and close every month our with actual spend numbers.  There are some advance techniques I picked up to accelerate paying off debt over the last 2 years.  Credit Cards are you friend if leveraged correctly and discipline.   We need to build discipline while having fun and celebrating the wins a family.  We go on trips to celebrate our progress, but at a fraction of what most people pay (Hawaii was 2018) using points. 

We review our progress monthly – Home Profit & Loss Statement 

Celebrate the wins as a family.  The below pictures were taken after paying off our first home in August of 2019.  The house is our 1st rental property.  Dfree concepts is a light to years of financial darkness.